E-gossip: The second phase

At the beginning of the corona crisis, as we were all adapting to remote working, I wondered whether people still gossiped from their home offices. As time went by, I noticed that new etiquettes and codes started to emerge. Employees gained a better grasp of the technology, and many began to pay more attention to [...]

The art of e-gossip

I’ve now had countless meetings in Teams, taken part in Zoom conferences with South African colleagues, and responded to hundreds of emails and App messages. I can proudly say that I am busy (and even experiencing a certain amount of ‘Zoom fatigue’). Even though I spend most of the day behind my computer screen, and [...]


We hear a lot about how viruses are spreading these days… How infection rates are skyrocketing each day. Is the corona virus airborne? Can we catch it by touching a cereal box at the supermarket? Coincidentally (I assure you!) I’ve been reading a very interesting book, Contagious by Johan Berger, that examines what makes ideas– and gossip—catch [...]