E-learning Course “How to teach critical thinking film – an introduction”


Proudly presenting this e-learning course  How to teach critical thinking with film – an introduction, powered by Research Group Change Management. In this course I (Wypkje van der Heide) will provide you with tips and tricks how to combine critical thinking education with film education. It is set in the International Business context, but you can easily adapt it to your context with different film clips.

I would like to invite you to click on the following image and participate. You can start now and pick it up any other time to continue learning and practicing (it will open up in a new window):

Launch Presentation

On a regular basis I am organizing workshops around specific films to apply these tools to, most recently with Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up. Interested to know what is up next – please link with me on LinkedIn.

For more on critical thinking and film see my Framing the Fragment blogs.

And coming up next are also more e-learning courses – where critical thinking and film education will be applied to specific business disciplines/topics – the next one on Digitization of Money. More coming soon…