Reshaping Business Education

Not to brag or anything, but The Hague University of Applied Science plays an important role in shaping the business landscape of tomorrow. We teach our students – the future business leaders – what their soon-to-be professional world looks like and should like. After graduating, THUAS students will literally put their education to work. They will either preserve or change business as usual. So the key question is: what do we teach our students?

Reshaping Business Education is all about building a THUAS business curriculum (in a broad sense, so including finance, management and organization) that enables students to create socially and ecologically sustainable businesses. As such, we aim to contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Reshaping Business Education is not a project or a program. If anything, it is a movement and its ‘movers’ include lecturers, professors, managers and students. In any way it can, Reshaping Business Educations supports teaching and learning initiatives that contribute to building socially and ecologically sustainable businesses.

From the overall use of the Dutch language on the website, you may conclude that this is all Dutch enterprise. It is not. Please contact us if you are interested! We speak English 🙂