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De beste manier om management mee te krijgen in informatiebeveiliging, is ze een keer goed te hacken. En dat is nog leuk ook.

Regelmatig word ik gevraagd om voor een organisatie een workshop te geven om medewerkers wat zorgvuldiger met gevoelige informatie om te laten gaan. Ze gebruiken te simpele wachtwoorden en delen die met anderen, klikken updates weg of mailen hele adressenbestanden rond. Dat moet anders vindt het management. Anders komen ze nog eens in de krant […]

E-gossip: The second phase

At the beginning of the corona crisis, as we were all adapting to remote working, I wondered whether people still gossiped from their home offices. As time went by, I noticed that new etiquettes and codes started to emerge. Employees gained a better grasp of the technology, and many began to pay more attention to […]

Reflecting on Thinking in Action – Part 1: The Voyage

┬áMy voyage began many years ago when I created a subject where we had International Business (IB) students watch documentaries, talk about it and write essays on the themes presented. Then when I joined the research group Change Management four years ago I reviewed that subject thoroughly and concluded that we needed a redesign: more […]